Getting started


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Existing subscribers can continue to manage their subscriptions on this site until it is retired in March 2023. For instructions on how to migrate to the new site please click here.

  1. Browse the available APIs

    Take a look at our APIs to see what choices are available. Is there an API you can exploit in one of your applications? Use the supplied APIs to quickly construct a fully featured application.

    Explore our APIs

  2. Sign Up

    Found an API? Sign up now to create an account and get started. It is free to join.

    Create an account

  3. Register an application

    Before you can use an API you have to register your application. When you register an application, the application is assigned a unique client ID and client secret. You must use the client ID when you call an API that requires you to identify your application by using a client ID, or a client ID and client secret. Check the API description for the details.

  4. Select a plan

    Finally, now that your application is registered, you need to subscribe to a plan. The plan determines the number of API calls that your application can make. Some plans are free and no approval is required, some require approval, and some require approval and a monthly subscription. Think about what you need and choose the most suitable plan.

    You must select a subscription plan to enable API access. This includes free, developer sandbox, MVP and community offerings. From the API Products page, select a product, browse the list of plans, click the "Subscribe" button for the desired plan, then choose an app to assign the plan to. For plans requiring approval, you will receive an approval email once the support team has reviewed your request (usually within 24-48 hours).

    API Products

All done! You are signed up, registered, and ready to go.


There are a few steps unique to Salesforce that need to be performed once PowerTools has been installed from AppExchange. Refer to the following forum post for a complete guide: Getting Started with Salesforce


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Microsoft Power Apps

Accessing external connectors in Power Apps requires a few additional steps before the actions will appear in a function or expression. See the following forum post for the proper procedure: Getting started with PowerTools in Power Apps


Please visit our new store for the latest version of PowerTools for IBM BPM.