Getting started with PowerTools in Power Apps

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Getting started with PowerTools in Power Apps

Unlike Power Automate, Power Apps does not provide an in-context search dialog for external and custom connectors when designing an app. In order to use them, a connection must first be added to each app from the connectors gallery. Here is the process for adding Power Tools to an App:

  1. From the canvas, click on the Data icon in the menu strip on the left (below the "+" and above the media filmstrip/music icon).
  2. Expand "Connectors", locate "ApptigentPowerToolsLITE" in the list, then click on the entry.
  3. Click 'New Connection' on the context menu. This will open the connection dialog.
  4. Enter your Client ID from the app you created in the customer portal ( in the "API Key" field. NOTE: If you do not have a Client ID, click the "Getting Started" link at the top of this page and follow the instructions or view the linked walkthrough video.
  5. Click the "Connect" button in the connection dialog.
  6. "ApptigentPowerToolsLite" should now be displayed in the "In your app" section under "Data". Intellisense will now pick up all the avaiable actions when you type "apptigent" in the function bar.

Watch the following video for a complete walkthrough: