Common Technical Issues

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Common Technical Issues

The following is a list of common technical issues and resolutions/workarounds. If you are unable find your issue here, or the provided solution does not work for you, please submit a support request for futher assistance.

"Error: Missing or invalid request parameter"

This is a "catch all" error that indicates something is wrong with the request. As always, first login to the customer portal, locate the desired endpoint, and execute the action using the provided test utility sample inputs in order to verify the endpoint is operational. Next, modify the request payload in the test utility with the values being sent by your application or platform. If the result is successful, then something has gone wrong in the connection between your system and the PowerTools endpoints. Verify that the provided inputs are actually what your system is sending (customer support can help you with this if you are unsure what to do). Note that your system may generate a different payload than what PowerTools expects. Common web troubleshooting tools, such as your browser developer console or proxy utilities like Fiddler, can help to reveal the exact request being sent. 

NOTE: Power Platform users (Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps): These systems often omit a parameter that is not marked as required from the request if no value is provided in the configuration. For example, if you are attempting to convert a date/time value using the WorldTime endpoint, and you omit the "format" parameter, the system may not send it, resulting in a bad request and the above error. To workaround this, create a variable with no default value, and insert that variable into the format parameter field. This should force the system to send an empty parameter which will satisfy the endpoint requirement and eliminate the error.